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Cruise shipping

Balearic cruise ship passenger numbers increase by 17 per cent

In Palma the percentage increase was 20%, the highest percentage rise among the state ports in the Balearics.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Cleaning up Majorca

Resident takes to street cleaning

She explained that she is very much aware of environmental problems, not just here but around the world in general.

Humphrey Carter


Seamanship distinction

Last night, the Copa del Rey regatta recognised the crucial work that is done not only by the Maritime Rescue services and the Air Force but by all seafarers.

Humphrey Carter

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Sailors and solidarity

The recognition by the organisers of the Copa del Rey, and undoubtedly all those who competed and were involved in the regatta, for the air sea rescue service, the air force and the crew of the yacht Seahawk, which saved the life of 84-year-old Jacinto Rodriguez last weekend, was the perfect gesture to bring the prestigious week-long sailing event to a close.

Humphrey Carter

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