News of the day 15 August 2015
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Seven Days

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Seven Days

The past week's top stories in the Majorca Daily Bulletin.


Best summer ever for Balearic hotel chains


Best summer ever for Balearic hotel chains

While the Spanish market is bouncing back and assisting with occupancy levels, the British market is also strong.

Humphrey Carter


Students heading to the UK advised to get vaccinated against Meningitis W

On 2 August, The Majorca Daily Bulletin publicised the fact that the deadly Meningitis W virus is increasing so rapidly in UK universities and colleges that the government is telling all students to get vaccinated against it before returning to university.

Stephanie Mason

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Roads into Palma and the resorts are taking the strain of the avalanche of tourists.


The week in tourism

Might this August mark a watershed in Majorcan and Balearic tourism?

Andrew Ede

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