News of the day 17 November 2015
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Palma Council to hold a public referendum over Borne terraces

City council seems incapable of making a satisfactory decision over the future of the terraces.

Humphrey Carter


Emergency services put to the test

The training exercise was a routine one to make sure that all of the emergency services know how to respond to a catastrophe.

Humphrey Carter

Tourist tax

Destination of tourist tax will not be known until 2017

“We can’t move on things that are impossible, because the law hasn’t yet been approved.”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Train which crashed into car was “going too fast”

The findings of the investigation were made public by the ministry for transport and they will now be examined by the National Police.

Humphrey Carter

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Not fit for purpose

“Corbyn appears to be completely out of his depth in this world crisis...”

Jason Moore

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