News of the day 9 July 2016
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"We have great food in Majorca, but the authorities don’t know how to sell it."

"There is so much more than sobrassada and Quely biscuits, but that is all they seem to bring out at events overseas."

Humphrey Carter


Queen of the seas graces Palma

The Queen Elizabeth put into Palma today in heading to Greece from Southampton, this summer's base.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Concern at the level of drinking by Balearic teenagers

The whole of society has to assume its responsibilities. "It isn't an option; it is an obligation on behalf of responsible adults."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


East meets west in European Pianofest in Majorca this month

Something very special and unique is going to be taking place in Majorca later this month: the first European Pianofest.

Humphrey Carter

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Workers and Brexit

"What is our status in Spain now that Britain has left the European Union."

Jason Moore

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Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor

Pickpockets, boat parties and more Brexit.

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