News of the day 7 October 2017
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CaixaBank's headquarters in Barcelona.

Catalonia crisis

CaixaBank opts for Valencia after day of Majorca speculation

It had appeared that the bank would opt for Palma, so much so that there were reports yesterday that it had.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

One of the numerous protests last week - this one on Tuesday in Barcelona.


Independence week in Majorca

Catalonia, some of it, was wanting independence; Més took a view on Balearic independence and also found the legal system taking an interest in party members; the tourism minister was not entirely reassuring; Monarch went under; the rural world was having a spat; and Majorca contributed to a Nobel Prize.

Andrew Ede

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Catalonia - difficult times

Spanish public opinion is deeply divided, but it is the silent majority who decides.

Jason Moore

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Tim Henman, who has been playing in the Legends Cup in Palma.


"More still needs to be done for British tennis"

Tim Henman talking about the Legends Cup, the state of the professional game and Nadal and Federer.

Humphrey Carter

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