News of the day 3 February 2018
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Calvia restates the need for all-inclusive regulation

Calvia's mayor would like alcohol to only be offered at meal times at all-inclusives.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


January unemployment down in the Balearics

The Balearics was one of only two regions where there was a drop in unemployment in January.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Alaro development taken to the anti-corruption office

Residents have denounced alleged cronyism involving the town hall and the developer.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Teachers protest against parent threats

A parent threatened to "dismember" a teacher.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Snow closes roads in Majorca

Yesterday, snow settled above 800 metres and the snow line is going to gradually drop over the weekend.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


"Tories are playing Monty Python politics over Brexit"

Harry Mount, a frequent contributor to the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, is the youngest ever editor of The Oldie magazine.

Humphrey Carter


Playa de Palma hoteliers worried about worsening tourist behaviour

Middle-aged German tourists caused significant damage in Playa de Palma last weekend.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Clampdown on illegal children's parties in Bellver forest

There is an "invasion" of areas that are supposed to be off-limits and a lot of noise that drives away the forest wildlife.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Tourist tax

Tourist tax revenue for 2017 was 64.3 million euros

Almost three-quarters of the revenue (47.7 million euros) was raised in Majorca.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Disaster and division: the week in Majorca

Disaster came in the form of the rentals zoning, for which there was division, as there also was over Catalan. It snowed, and some nuns were in a spot of building bother in Manacor.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Post-Brexit rights

The British government should be careful about what it says.

Jason Moore

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