News of the day 12 January 2019
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Agrotourism accommodation places to be increased

The number of places are determined by the area occupied by agrotourism hotels.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


New drive to reduce motorbike noise in the Tramuntana

Some motorbikes create an enormous amount of noise and pose a risk to road safety.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


"Brexit was based on fake news and nationalist populism"

Balearics MEP Rosa Estaras believes that Tuesday will be "one of the most important days in modern history for the United Kingdom".

Humphrey Carter


"We want guests to feel the heart and soul of our hotel"

Interview with Vanessa Cabau, general manager of the Cabau Group which owns the Hotel Glòria de Sant Jaume, one of the best new hotels in the world.

Humphrey Carter

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Marmite Andy Murray

Love him or hate him, Andy Murray has inspired a sporting British generation.

Humphrey Carter

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