News of the day 15 November 2019
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What's On

Where to go and What to see

Daily markets to visit, cruise ships in port and films to see in English.

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Caimari Olive Fair

What's On

Events in Majorca on Friday / Saturday

Autumn Fair at Es Capdella, Balearic Symphony Orchestra in Manacor and the 2nd George Sand International Music Festival in Palma.

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Venice, Itlay


Balearics warned sea level forecast to rise by up to one metre

The Canaries will be the most affected region of Spain; sea levels could rise by as much as one metre.

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New buses for Palma


New 18-metre buses in operation in Palma

The new buses should all be operational by Spring of next year.

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Weather Map


Today's weather

Cloudy with rain and storms forecast.

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Rockfalls in Sa Calobra, Mallorca


Two Rocks fall in Sa Calobra

A rock smashed through the roof of a house, but there were no injuries.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The car involved in the incident


Wounded man found in Son Banya had been run over

An investigation was launched and officers tracked down a car with a huge dent in it

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

One of the packages of marijuana


13 kilos of Marijuana found during raid in Marratxi

The Guardia Civil and Customs Surveillance officers had been watching the company for a month.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Feminist Movement of Mallorca


The silent mystery is revealed

The Feminist Movement of Mallorca are holding a night march at the end of the month.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Employemnt opportunities with EMT in Palma


The EMT offers to triple the number of new driver places to avoid the strike

EMT has vowed to add at least 15 new drivers every 3-4 months until mid 2022.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Press and the Prince

“Prince Harry needs the media as much as the media need him...”

Jason Moore

Frank Talking

My guilty secret - I'm hooked on daytime television

We have those “Over 50’s” pension plan thingies - on at every single break.

Frank Leavers

Holiday / Lifestyle
Sa Dragonera FotoColab

Nautical Notes

Over 150 visitors at the opening of the ‘Dragonera Blava’ exhibition

The exhibition, which is open to the public until the end of November, is part of a new community leadership project named ‘Discover Your Marine Protected Area Sa Dragonera´.

Save the Med Foundation

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