News of the day 5 November 2020
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Five day forecast in Mallorca


Mallorca Weather for Thursday

It's mostly cloudy in Mallorca today with slivers of sunshine here and there and strong winds in some places. To view the weather in real time from our webcams all over the island, click here.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Antonio Cortés surrounded by Police in Secar de la Real, Palma.


Palma murder latest

Antonio Cortés told the court he argued with his wife on the night she died because he suspected that she was having an affair.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Palma Airport

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Mallorca Travel Agents in jeopardy

"The restrictions on flights to European countries and some Autonomous Communities leaves us without business volume and exacerbates our delicate economic situation..”

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Elderly man assaulted and tied up while home is robbed in Soller

Elderly victim was able to eventually free himself and raise the alarm.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

corona virus

Balearic increase in social and health spending by 8.1% to combat COVID-19

The government plans to increase this spending once European funds are incorporated into the 2021 regional budgets.

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Money needed to save one million jobs

The hotel industry claims 8,500 million euros in direct aid

To date, more than 65,000 hospitality businesses have closed, more than 350,000 jobs have disappeared and turnover has decreased by more than 50%

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Paris Masters 2020 tennis tournament


Nadal, Gasol, Sanz and Banderas, favourites in the Balearics for their solidarity

The category best valued according to the survey has been that of health workers

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Healthcare workers at Palma Airport

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Balearic government to pay for rapid tests for tourists

Tourists will be advised to take tests before arriving in the Balearic Islands.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

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Mallorcans heading home

While Mallorca is not expected to have home confinemnet, workers might.

Humphrey Carter


Reclaiming the centre

Inflammatory statements and a breakdown in the civility of discourse only serve to advance this.

Andrew Ede

Holiday / Lifestyle


The Man Who Changed Yachting

"He found a designer who shared his aesthetic vision, namesake Luca Brenta, and together they crafted 25.3 metre Wallygator"

Sarah Forge

Air Europa received aid from the Spanish government.


A new dawn for Air Europa?

"In 2018, Air Europa’s net profit was 50 million euros, which was its best profit performance ever...."

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