Marigolds are beginning to flower.

Gardening in Majorca

If it is purely a flower garden we want then we must start to sprinkle some of the seeds that we collected as they were ripening at the end of their flowering season.

Basil grows well through the summer months. Archive photo.

Gardening in Majorca

The secret of course is never to let the flower heads mature, simply cut the growing tip back to the next pair of healthy leaves and it will keep on growing.

Red hroned beetle is still killing off the Palm trees.

Growing season all year round

Every month has its own garden smell about it and surely November must have the smell of wood fires as all that garden waste that won’t decompose can now be burnt.

Loquat trees will already have small bunches of blossom.

Gardening in Majorca

It really is growing season all year round so no matter what seeds you put in the ground you can be sure they will germinate, all of the ones we consider ‘spring vegetables’ in Northern gardens will thrive if planted now.

Bougainvillea is still full of colourful bracts in the Autumn.

Gardening in Majorca

A tree/shrub that is coming into flower again is the Callistemon better known as Bottlebrush because of the shape the flower heads form, just like a bottle brush from the kitchen sink.

Growing in pots for a terrace or a balcony is popular.

Gardening in Majorca

The Passiflora likes plenty of warmth and sunshine and will need frequent watering. Once inside a plant pot one can at least keep the root suckers under control.

An olive tree.

Beauty of trees

So just one tree in the garden can cause just the same pleasure as well as picking the fruit when ripe.