Abaco closure

Dear Sir,
Yet again local government seems to be a case ‘of right hand not knowing what left is up to!’ We keep on hearing no more hotels for centre of Palma then we read Abaco to close at end of year to make way for hotel!! What’s going on? Whose paid who how much to get permissions allowed? Not only is Abaco’s unique it possesses one of the oldest ‘Belen’ on the island only open to the public over Christmas time. Think it’s time for people power to step in and campaign stop this latest folly.

Majorca foreign resident

It’s all madness

Dear Sir,
Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, met Catalan leader, Quim Torra to discuss Catalan’s drive for independence. It’s complete delusional lunacy. What is the point of leaving hundreds of years of ties with Spain only to completely surrender Catalan sovereignty to Brussels. That’s not independent that’s capitulation to the EU. Now if the Catalans united with Spain and broke free from the EU, retaining their sovereignty, that would be true independence and what a great country it would be.