The Crown

The Crown has increased the popularity of the British crown...”


Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez.

And Spain's budget?

First order of business for the new macro coalition government has been pensions.


The Brexit countdown.

Brexit advice

“At least now the local authorities will know how many expats live here...”

Visit Palma

“Now is the time to visit Palma, it has something for everyone...”

The Prince

“I think Prince Harry needs to grow up and behave like his grandmother who puts duty first...”


Policing language

The local and state authorities are at loggerheads over state police learning Catalan.

A Prince no more

“Prince Harry´s announcement must have felt like a slap in the face for the Queen...”

Tourist tax rethink

If, as hoteliers claim, demand is low this year, then it’s time for an incentive.


Best of British

“The British have proved to be exceptionally loyal to the Balearics...”