Protest by the hospitality sector on Tuesday.

Back to square one

In today's Blog: "Not everywhere is the same, of course not, but the Balearics can be considered in a somewhat similar way to the Canaries."

A nightmare

“The bar and restaurant sector can´t continue living almost day to day...”

US President Donald J. Trump.

My Column

"There should be a public inquiry into Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, which is both the symbolic and actual heart of American democracy"

Action This Day

“It is a time for action; bring in the army with their logistical expertise to distribute the vaccine..”

MDB helps find lost guide dog. archive photo.

A lovely reminder

It was the power of the press at its best and reminded me that the media can be a great force of good, something I will always remember.

Difficult times

“The UK lockdown has dashed any hopes of a quick tourism revival..”