The week that was

Son Reus municipal animal shelter.

Walking the dog

An advert had placed on Facebook - For two euros an hour, citizens of A Coruña were being offered several dogs that they could take for a walk.


Boris Johnson

"Johnson should not be running Britain; he is not fit to do so at the moment and needs to handover to someone else..."


Life after corona

“Will life ever be the same after the coronavirus outbreak...”

My Column

Had I not been in lockdown I would have: climbed three Tramuntana peaks.

Life goes by

For now, this is a golden opportunity to listen to silence, embrace one’s family and friends and reach out to those in need even virtually.


Ducks not scooters

We spend most of our lives wishing we could stay at home, now it's nice to go to work.


Keep calm

"Britain must simply follow Spain's lead and stay at home..."

My Column

Thank goodness we live on an island.

Thoughts of an isolated old codger

This Orwellian nightmare could well be repeated elsewhere if the figures continue to rise unstoppably, as they still are in Spain (though mercifully not, or not yet, in the Balearics.)


Changing times

“British citizens will have to exchange their residence documents...”

Archive photograph (06/12/2018), of former king Juan Carlos, with Queen Emeritus Sofia, in the Chamber of Deputies, during the 40th anniversary of the Constitution.

Person of the week

At a time of crisis when his son would be delivering a message of hope, resilience and unity to the nation, he was at the centre of another scandal.