Carnval time on Majorca, | J. AGUIRRE

What´s On February

Fiestas and celebrations - Carnival (the Saturday - February 26)

Majorca has several winter dishes you mustn’t miss. An all-time favourite is a rustic dish that is also somewhat elegant. It is called lomo con col, or loin of pork with cabbage. Slices or chunks of loin are seared and then wrapped in winter cabbage leaves and casseroled until the meat is very tender. Sometimes pigeon or partridge are used instead of pork loin. Either way, this is a filling dish and you don’t want to eat much before or after it.

Another true Majorcan dish you must try is lengua con alcaparras, or medallions of veal or pork tongue with capers, gently sautéed in olive oil with finely chopped onions and simmered in chicken stock and red wine until the tender. The sauce is thickened with ground almonds 10 minutes before it is ready and finally sprinkled with a generous amount of capers.

The combination of tongue and capers is an inspired one, making this dish a very special contribution to Spanish regional cooking. The experts consider Majorcan capers to be the world’s best and it’s a good idea to take a couple of small jars back with you. The tiniest capers are the tastiest — and also the most expensive.