A night time of art. | Josep Bagur Gomila

What´s On in September:

Art - Nit de l'Art, Palma (September 15-17, provisional)

Sport - Mallorca 140.6 Triathlon, Playa de Muro (September 24)

You’ll come across Mallorca’s famous charcuterie products everywhere you go, especially in tapas bars and restaurants specialising in Mallorcan cooking. The three main ones are sobrasada, botifarrones and camaiot.

Sobrasada is Mallorca’s main contribution to Spanish charcuterie. It is made with finely minced pork with large amounts of paprika and stuffed into skins of different sizes, some of them absolutely huge. It is extremely good on its own, either straight from the skin and spread on slices of Majorcan bread like a pâté, or else grilled slightly and eaten when it is meltingly soft.

Sometimes honey is drizzled over hot slices of sobrasada, when it becomes sobrasada con miel. An omelette with a sobrasada filling is exquisite, and most restaurants serving Mallorcan food will make you one even if it is not on the menu.

A dish you should look out for is sepia con sobrasada — pieces of cuttlefish gently sautéed with sobrasada so that it melts and becomes an unctuous sauce that is bursting with flavour. This dish was popular more than 120 years ago but Mallorcans stopped cooking it. In the late 1990s, however, a restaurant cook in Genova resurrected it with great success.