The cossier dancers of Manacor. | J.M. SASTRE


The Manacor fairs and fiestas, which span two weekends, start on Friday afternoon with the traditional cossier dancers. Unlike other cossiers, who perform in one place, the Manacor troupe is itinerant. They start at 5pm from C. Sant Rafel and make their way to the town hall.

The starting-point is from the “house of the lady”, the cossiers featuring a “dama” (lady) as well as a demon. There have been cossier dances in Manacor since 1622, so this year is the 400th anniversary. In 1950, because of social and political reasons, the dances came to an end. Some thirty years later there was a revival.

The current coordinator of the group, Sebastià Galmés, says that the start from the lady’s house is one of “great euphoria”. He adds that there was a time when only a few people used to accompany the dancers on their route. Nowadays, streets are packed with people.

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Dates and location:
  1. From to at Carrer de Sant Rafel, 86 - Manacor Finalizado

Start of the Cossier dances at 4.30pm.