Felanitx celebrates the dance of Sant Joan Pelos. | ULTIMA HORA


Felanitx doesn’t have fiestas for Sant Joan (John the Baptist) as such, but it does have what is referred to as a fiesta in the cultural interest.

This declaration means that authorities are obliged to maintain the integrity of the fiesta, to preserve it and to promote it.

This is the dance of Sant Joan Pelós, Hairy Saint John, the origins of which are mediaeval. Felanitx is not unique in having a Hairy John. There are four in all, one of whom has a slightly different name - Sant Joan Pelut - but which means the same. This John dances in Sant Llorenç and, oddly enough, he doesn’t have a mask and isn’t in the least bit hairy.

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Dates and location:
  1. 24/06/2022 at at Carrer de sa Gerreria - Felanitx Finalizado