Lloseta shoe fair is this weekend. | E. BALLESTERO


The footwear industry in Lloseta began rather humbly at the end of the nineteenth century, but by the 1930s it was the municipality’s principal industry, one of the most important businesses having been Calzados Ordinas.

Founded by Antoni Ordinas Escalas, it had a brand of shoe known as Supremo.

In 1940, a boot and shoemaking company was established in Lloseta which now has national and international recognition. Calzados Bestard are known for their wide range of mountain boots, and at the Lloseta Shoes and Artisan Fair, there will be an exhibition (and sales) of Bestard boots. And reflecting the artisan tradition, there will also be demonstrations of making shoes by hand.

Here is the programme

Saturday: Shoes and Artisan Fair - 5.30pm: Mass - tribute to Lloseta shoemakers, followed at 6.30pm by a choral concert. 6.30pm: Children’s activities, followed by judo exhibition at Sa Mina. 8pm: Folk dance with L’Estel del Cocó and the Lloseta pipers. Opening of the fair. Plaça Espanya. Concert - Kenya & Estrambotics (funk soul). Lloseta Theatre, C. Pou Nou. Free.

Sunday: Shoes and Artisan Fair - From 10am. At 10am: Procession by pipers and whistlers from Lloseta, Campanet, Mancor de la Vall and Santa Margalida. 11am: Street performances by charanga group Els Valencians. 12 noon and 6pm: Demonstration of artisan shoemaking. Plaça Espanya. 1pm: Pipers and whistlers. Plaça Espanya.

Data of interest
Dates and location:
  1. From to at Plaça Espanya - Lloseta Finalizado

On Saturday from 8pm and Sunday from 10am.