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It can depend on one’s definition as to whether the Selva “herbes” are herbs or plants. The main protagonist of the Selva Herbs Fair is myrtle.

As it is used in cooking and for medicinal purposes, then it does qualify as a herb. The other five likewise have their roles - rosemary, olive (the leaf), orange flower, fern and St. John’s wort (“estepa joana”).

Myrtle grows in abundance around Selva, so on Saturday morning at half seven, when the call goes out to wake the good folk of the village, there isn’t too far to trek in order to find some. With all due ceremony, the myrtle is brought to the town’s Plaça Major where the stills will turn it into health-giving myrtle water.

The schedule for the fair has been changed. It used to be on Sunday and the ceremony was around midday; it’s now in the late afternoon.

Here is the programme:

On Friday: 7pm: Announcement of the fair, plus pipers. Town hall balcony. 7.30pm: Folk dance. Plaça Major. 9.30pm: Tapas night. Plaça Major.

On Saturday: 7.30am: Wake-up to go and collect myrtle for the fair. Plaça Major. 6pm: Entrance of the myrtle to the Plaça Major, procession and opening of the market. 6.30pm: Distilling of myrtle water. Plaça Major. 8pm: Selva Band of Music. Plaça Major. 9.30pm: Pastries; vegetable and sweet. Placeta Església. 12 midnight: Fire of the Estol de ses Herbes group, plus giants and batucada drummers. Plaça Major.

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Dates and location:
  1. 11/06/2022 at at Plaça Major - Selva Finalizado

Starts at 7.30am until 9.30pm