Pianist Domenico Codispoti. | R.C.


Pianist Domenico Codispoti now lives in Madrid. From Catanzaro in southern Italy, his international career was launched when he won first prize in the Pilar Bayona International Piano Competition in Zaragoza.

Hailed as one of the greatest Italian talents of today, he has previously lived in Dallas and London and has performed with orchestras such as the London Chamber Orchestra. Now 46, when he was younger the great Hungarian pianist Gyorgy Sandor said of him that he is “one of the finest concert pianists I know”. “He has superb technical command, exceptionally fine taste in his interpretations and impressive maturity”.

He is returning to Valldemossa, where he last played in December 2019.

Data of interest
Dates and location:
  1. 25/06/2022 at at Chopin and Sand Cell, Charterhouse Finalizado



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