"Symphonic Rhapsody of Queen" at Palma Auditorium. | EFE


It is said of Symphonic Rhapsody of Queen that the show has been seen by over one million people.

Some 120 minutes of “intense spectacular” are promised by what certainly isn’t a Queen tribute act - it is a show, and one that features artists from different countries. There is, for example, Thomas Vikström, a Swedish vocalist who has worked with hard rock bands since the late 1980s. The son of an opera singer, he was for a time the lead singer with a Swedish band, Candlemass, who pretty much invented epic doom metal replete with operatic style.

Nick Workman is the singer with British band Vega, who formed in 2009 and released their debut album the following year. Somewhat of a contrast to Candlemass, he has said that they aren’t necessarily an AOR (adult-oriented rock) band but has nonetheless likened their sound to Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.

Queen songs galore and with a whole new and powerful stage design and light show.

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Dates and location:
  1. 06/05/2023 at at Palma's Auditorium Finalizado



38-45 euros at auditoriumpalma.com