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Andrea Motis was fifteen when she recorded an album of jazz standards. Now 27, she has since released a number of albums. ‘Emotional Dance’ in 2017 was the first to come out on a major label - Impulse!, an American label which was established in 1960.

From Barcelona, she is a trumpeter and singer (in English as well as Catalan, Portuguese and Spanish), who is now undertaking something of a change of direction by moving into electric jazz and funk-soul. Her latest album, ‘Loopholes’, has just been released, and it signifies this evolution by a highly talented performer. This new project was premiered in Barcelona a week ago, and its Mallorca premiere is the first concert for the new Sons de Nit (sounds of the night) season.

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  1. 14/05/2022 at at Sant Domingo Cloister Finalizado



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