The Strauss Festival Orchestra Vienna was founded in 1978.

Since then, it has established itself as a leading orchestra that interprets Viennese music all over the world. The SFO regularly tours over the New Year period, and Palma is one of the venues.

There are two conductors - Willy Büchler and Peter Guth. It was the latter who founded the SFO, and he has been associated with numerous other top orchestras, such as London's Royal Philharmonic and the San Francisco Symphony. Willy Büchler founded the highly regarded EOS Quartett in 1992 with colleagues from the Wiener Symphoniker.

In Palma, there will be two concerts. The first takes you to the concert halls of Vienna and to the classical world of the waltz and the second is a tribute to two of the greats of cinema music - John Williams ('Star Wars', for example) and Hans Zimmer ('The Lion King', among others).

Useful information
Dates and location:
  1. 02/01/2023 at at Palma's Auditorium
  2. 07/01/2023 at at Palma's Auditorium
How to get there:

Monday, January 2 / Saturday, January 7



48-68 euros at auditoriumpalma.com