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A Union flag flies at Europa Point in front of the Rock (rear), a monolithic limestone promontory


Spanish border logjam a bigger threat to Gibraltar finance than Brexit

After a post-Brexit transition period ends in December, Britain may get some direct access to EU financial markets under the bloc's 'equivalence' system.

Reuters11/02/2020 10:36

Actor Kirk Douglas

My column

Kirk Douglas: a lust for life

Bulletin columnist writes about the late Kirk Douglas, Boris Johnson and Brexit.

Donald Trelford10/02/2020 14:48


Big task

“The Spanish government have the huge task of issuing the new documents...”

Jason Moore08/02/2020 10:10

Puerto Soller bay

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Spotlight on Soller

The sight of all the school community of our Valley was overwhelming in its poignancy.

Shirley Roberts05/02/2020 13:30

Michel Barnier and Pedro Sanchez


Three cheers and boos

The PP accused Hila and others of having been involved in a “lynching” for electoral gain.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/02/2020 10:33


The new dawn

“Brexit has been done, now the work begins. For the sake of Britain I do hope that Brexit is a success...”

Jason Moore03/02/2020 10:31


The Spanish economy

The Spanish economy performed remarkably well last year but it’s slowing now.

Humphrey Carter01/02/2020 09:52


German market

“Any drop in the German market will be felt hard on Majorca...”

Jason Moore01/02/2020 09:51


Gibraltar’s quick response

It looks like Gibraltar could be in for a rocky ride post Brexit but they have a plan.

Humphrey Carter31/01/2020 10:04


D-Day for Britain

“Spain is not going to put up barriers to its principal tourist market...”

Jason Moore31/01/2020 10:02


The end

“Britain is leaving the European Union and I doubt that anyone is surprised...”

Jason Moore30/01/2020 10:20


The Brits love Majorca

Despite all the scaremongering over Brexit, it looks like the Britons are still coming.

Humphrey Carter29/01/2020 09:54


Brexit deadline

“Get your paperwork in order before the Brexit deadline..”

Jason Moore28/01/2020 10:05


The end of the line

“It seems incredible to think that Britain will finally leave EU next week...”

Jason Moore24/01/2020 10:55

HMA Hugh Elliott


A message for UK nationals from HMA Hugh Elliott

Citizens’ rights have always been an important part of the negotiations on our exit from the EU.

HMA Hugh Elliott/British Embassy14/01/2020 15:45

The Three Kings were in Soller on Monday

Spotlight on Soller

All change for 2020

A farmer clearing scrub, set light to the woods behind the Torre Picada.

Shirley Roberts09/01/2020 15:04

Hotels might not open for Easter


Hotels delaying opening until May because of falling demand

The earlier Easter means that hoteliers aren’t willing to risk having a few days in April when they have occupancy but will be mostly empty for the rest of the month.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter07/01/2020 07:52


Hoteliers hedging their bets

They are at it again, hoteliers that is, but they could be making the wrong move.

Humphrey Carter07/01/2020 07:49

Anna Nicholas

My column

Reasons to be cheerful

Anna Nicholas’s first Majorca based crime novel, The Devil’s Horn, is out now. It’s available at all good bookshops & via amazon.

Anna Nicholas29/12/2019 16:25