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Spain's jobless hit 4 mln in February as pandemic restrictions bite

"The rise in unemployment, caused by the third wave, is bad news, reflecting the structural flaws of the labour market that are accentuated by the pandemic."

Reuters02/03/2021 10:46

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Spain's COVID-19 incidence drops below 'extreme risk' level

Several regions have relaxed restrictions such as night-time curfews in the past couple of weeks.

Reuters24/02/2021 10:27


The QR code quandry

QR codes are becoming part of the “new normal” but it’s all a bit complicated.

Humphrey Carter13/02/2021 10:11

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EasyJet calls on UK to outline path out of pandemic restrictions

"The British government needs to set out how it will unwind coronavirus border restrictions..." The head of easyJet said

Reuters10/02/2021 13:07

customer service

Customer service

customer service.

ARCHIVO¶ 10/02/2021

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Barcelona

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Catalonia lifts some COVID-19 restrictions as infections fall

"We believe we are leaving behind the maximum peak of the third wave," Catalan health secretary told a news conference.

Reuters04/02/2021 13:43

Coronavirus disease vaccination in Madrid

Coronavirus disease vaccination in Madrid

Coronavirus disease vaccination in Madrid.

SUSANA VERA 29/01/2021


Government crisis

“It could be said that the Balearic government is in crisis over the restrictions...”

Jason Moore15/01/2021 10:22