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Mallorca’s fans are revolting!

Real Mallorca

Rock bottom

Real Mallorca, like FIFA, are in serious meltdown mode having lost one-nil at home on Saturday to Huesca who, before Saturday, hadn’t won a game all season.

Monro Bryce28/09/2015 00:00

Real Mallorca at Lluc monastery.

Real Mallorca

Mallorca get some divine intervention

Mallorca have played six competitive games and have only scored two goals.

Monro Bryce25/09/2015 00:00

Costas (4) and Yuste (23) look shell-shocked after Mallorca miss another chance.

Real Mallorca

Mallorca third bottom after 1-0 defeat

"We started on Sunday with two strikers, both Acuña and Bianchi ran around a lot trying to look menacing, but they just can’t find the net."

Monro Bryce21/09/2015 00:00

Real Mallorca

Nastic 1 - Real Mallorca 0

Mallorca are goalless once more and lose away in Catalonia.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter20/09/2015 00:00

A full squad available

Real Mallorca

A full squad available

For the first time in ages Mallorca coach “Chapi” Ferrer has a full squad to choose from.

Monro Bryce19/09/2015 00:00

New central defender David Costas in the centre of the photo.

Real Mallorca

Keeper Timon spares Mallorca blushes

Real Mallorca remain unconvincing after a lacklustre 0-0 draw against Numancia on Sunday.

Monro Bryce14/09/2015 00:00

Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca 0 - Numancia 0

Mallorca created barely a chance and never really threatened to score.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/09/2015 00:00

Mallorca legend Ibagaza is now living in on the island.

Real Mallorca

Mallorca must turn the page and move on

Real Mallorca fans are hoping for an improved performance on Sunday at 5pm in the Son Moix when they face table-topping Numancia.

Monro Bryce12/09/2015 00:00

Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca 0 Huesca 2

Coach Ferrer said before this evening's cup match that the Copa del Rey needed to be taken seriously.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/09/2015 00:00

Bianchi celebrates his goal.

Real Mallorca

Mallorca gift Bilbao all three points

Real Mallorca, after a great start, succumbed to a team with nine players aged 20 years or under when Bilbao Athletic won 3-1 at New San Mames on Sunday.

Monro Bryce07/09/2015 00:00

Joining the travelling party was new signing Abdoul Sissoko.

Real Mallorca

High noon at the cathedral

The Basques will be a dangerous outfit as it’s a case of played two, lost two for them and they’ll be keen to get back to winning ways.

Monro Bryce05/09/2015 00:00

20-year-old David Costa, arrives from Betis.

Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca complete their centennial squad

President/owner Utz Claassen and director of football Miguel Angel Nadal have put the finishing touches to Real Mallorca’s squad for their 2015/16 centennial season.

Monro Bryce01/09/2015 00:00


A flying start

“Let us hope that this is the season when Mallorca return to the top flight...”

Jason Moore31/08/2015 00:00

Mallorca players celebrate the first win of the season

Real Mallorca

First home win for gutsy Mallorca

Real Mallorca picked up their first win in the second game of their centennial season with a gutsy 1-0 win over Ponferradina thanks to a Manual Araña penalty after 17 minutes.

Monro Bryce31/08/2015 00:00

Dejected Mallorca players troop off after the disastrous first match of the season.

Real Mallorca

Woeful Mallorca lose 2-0 in Madrid

Real Mallorca made a humiliating start to their centennial season by losing 2-0 away at Alcorcon on Saturday night.

Monro Bryce24/08/2015 00:00

Mallorca's coach Albert "Chapi" Ferrer hopes for a good start on Saturday.

Real Mallorca

Only one goal for Mallorca - promotion

We've become used to turmoil for too long at the club in recent times but at last there are signs of tranquility returning to the Son Moix.

Monro Bryce21/08/2015 00:00

Real Mallorca

Real Mallorca

Mallorca win the "Potato" Cup 2-1

“If the enemy isn't resting, then neither will I,” which sounds like the famous Eric Cantona “seagulls following the trawler”

Monro Bryce17/08/2015 00:00