Etiqueta 'Lockdown in Mallorca'
Durning lockdown

Majorca Mallorca

Sparking Creativity

Creativity can be expressed in many ways, but if you are finding it hard to spark ideas then here are some suggestions for you.

Vicki McLeod27/05/2020 00:10



Four-wheeled lockdown protest

The Vox party has been an outspoken critic of the lockdown measures and the Spanish government of Pedro Sanchez.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/05/2020 12:09

Mallorca beaches getting ready to open


Spain's four-phase plan updated

Breakdown of the phases including Phase 2 which begins on Monday, May 25 for the Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.

Reuters23/05/2020 10:31

Eve, Rosemary and Sandra

Majorca Mallorca

Back on track!

The team from the Allen Graham Charity have had more than their fair share of drama during the last two months.

Vicki McLeod20/05/2020 00:10


A poignant reminder

The introduction of obligatory masks will remind many this is far from over yet.

Humphrey Carter20/05/2020 17:39


Stay at home

“Now the government has to convince the public it is safe to go out...”

Jason Moore18/05/2020 17:29

Lottery is back in business


Lotteries restarting

The National Lottery is now also on sale, and draws will resume in June.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter18/05/2020 16:30


Humans of Majorca

Humans of Majorca in Block 45

The tales the occupants tell are all typical of the Covid world we are living in.

Shirley Roberts17/05/2020 12:49

Sunrise and sunset riding will be vital

Majorca Mallorca

Ride to Rescue

The Naturacavall threesome have been working together since March 2019 when they launched their initiative to offer riding excursions in the Majorcan countryside.

Vicki McLeod17/05/2020 00:10

Fiestas in Pollensa

Northern Spotlight

Moors and Christians looking impossible

With Virgen del Carmen in Puerto Pollensa in July, the “Sailors” race has been cancelled.

Andrew Ede16/05/2020 00:10

Time to change your future?

Majorca Mallorca

Is it time to break free?

I have spoken to people who are quitting their jobs and going off to do that thing they have always wanted to do, others are thinking of closing their businesses and starting completely new ones, or retiring.

Vicki McLeod16/05/2020 00:10


Good job

“I would say that overall the Spanish Prime Minister has done a good job...”

Jason Moore15/05/2020 17:54

Daily life in Istanbul during coronavirus pandemic

Practical Parenting

Simple skills for successful communication

“All feelings are valid. Certain behaviour must be limited.”

By Julie Waller and Barbora Sollerova 14/05/2020 00:10