Etiqueta 'Lockdown'
British PM Johnson walks outside back entrance to 10 Downing Street in London


UK PM's wine and cheese gathering was not a party - deputy PM

Johnson is grappling with a rebellion inside his party over the direction of his government which critics say is chaotic and has dramatically expanded the power of the state.

Reuters20/12/2021 09:39

Whether you’re starting a business or trying to save your own one, you need to be able to trade online

Whether you’re starting a business or trying to save your own one, you need to be able to trade online

Whether you’re starting a business or trying to save your own one, you need to be able to trade online.

Mark McCormick 25/01/2021


Spotlight On Soller

August 2020 limps to its end

Saturday marks the first of five music Saturdays. This is all based in the Patio of the Escolapies Cultural Centre in Soller.

Shirley Roberts25/08/2020 15:13

Covid-19 impact


More than half of Spanish companies reopen after closing at height of pandemic

The statistics showed that since the easing of lockdown started in May, 49,159 companies have registered with the government.

Reuters24/08/2020 15:31


Difficult times

“Difficult times for Spain and the government as they ponder easing restrictions”.

Jason Moore25/07/2020 12:35

Health Minister


Some four million people in Catalonia urged to stay home as coronavirus cases jump

Four million people in Catalonia, including its capital Barcelona, to stay home.

Reuters17/07/2020 15:49

Quim torra


Catalan leader calls on citizens to stay home despite judge's ruling

Quim Torra said he would approve a new decree to make it compulsory.

Reuters13/07/2020 15:55


Safe than sorry

“The government has gone from better to be safe than sorry to lets get moving...”

Jason Moore26/06/2020 01:06


Humans of Majorca

Humans of Majorca prepare for the 2020 summer

The frustration of the lockdown weeks and the plans it put on hold is definitely having a unique side to it.

Shirley Roberts15/06/2020 14:02

Las Canteras beach


Spanish minister says land borders to open, prompts confusion

Frontiers with France and Portugal have been shut to most people since Spain went into lockdown.

Reuters04/06/2020 16:52


Better to be safe than sorry

“We went into lockdown in a matter of hours we can´t come out of it with the same speed....”

Jason Moore30/05/2020 12:21

If people can’t be trusted to comply with a simple ‘no bonfire’ rule, how can they be expected to take any notice of social distancing?

Out & About

Fiesta or Folly?

As a Mediterranean culture, which through history has thrived on the habitual custom of outside living and ritual celebration, I suppose it should be expected that a certain mentality will believe that Covid19 will be beaten by holding some form of annual fiesta!

Peter Clover14/05/2020 00:20

Professor Neil Ferguson.

My Column

Brainless professors

It’s good to get some laughs during lockdown. It certainly beats the relentless drudgery of the day to day corona news.

Anna Nicholas09/05/2020 04:01

Frank Talking

Shame on the lockdown 'grasses', the Groundhog Day effect and Comedic Coppers

Have you ever seen the film Groundhog Day? Well, for many of us we are living that film...

Frank Leavers08/05/2020 04:01


Save The Med

We talked about buying local, now let’s start growing local!

Save the Med helps bring the sea a little closer to all of us!

Save The Med01/05/2020 04:01

The older generation

Frank Talking

Who are you calling old?

I think the best thing for a person of a ‘certain’ age to do, is to ignore that fact; that’s it, ignore it and if at all possible, why not lop 5 to 10 years off your age at every opportunity, even if that takes you perilously close to puberty?

Frank Leavers01/05/2020 04:01