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The MSC Fantasia in Palma today.

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Over 50 Covid positive crew members taken off cruise ship in Mallorca

This is the second cruise ship affected by an outbreak of Covid to have docked in Palma in the past week.

Malorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/01/2022 16:35

Over 40s can now book a booster.

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Over 40s can now book booster jab

Vaccination campaign now includes the inoculation of the third dose for those over 40.

Malorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/01/2022 16:57

Intensive care in Mallorca now at high risk.

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Hospital admissions soar in the Balearic Islands

75 percent of people admitted to the ICU have not been inoculated.

Malorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/12/2021 14:32