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All I want is a souvenir

The one-time president of the Council of Majorca and leader of the disgraced Unió Mallorquina is herself a souvenir.

Andrew Ede17/09/2020 15:27


Out & About

Never say die

This past summer we made a killer list of all those favourite things we used to do.

Peter Clover17/09/2020 15:16


Frank Confidential

What about a Majorca staycation? Plus - luxurious larceny!

I have to say that there are some really good deals out there right across the island.

Frank Leavers16/09/2020 15:18



Gardening In Majorca

The month of September can be a really busy time of the year here in this climate, warm rains and still long sunny days still encourage growth.

Dorothy Loeffler14/09/2020 13:16



Revealing the economic benefits of Marine Protected Areas

The Balearic Islands have a network of marine reserves and protected areas whose value and benefits have often gone unnoticed.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter11/09/2020 15:44

Sant Antoni

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It’s tough being a demon

Dimonis de sa Pedrera is one of 35 demons’ gangs in Majorca which are affiliated to the Federació de Dimonis, Diables i Bèsties de Foc de les Illes Balears.

Andrew Ede11/09/2020 15:27


The restaurant review

Juanjo’s secret is in the spicing

A few years ago Juanjo shunned all dairy products and other foods connected with animal life and made Bon Lloc into a full vegan restaurant.

Andrew Valente10/09/2020 15:35


Food and wine

Raor season off to a super start

There was no official raor season in Majorca until the year 2000: people fished for them in August and continued to do so until the raors buried themselves in the sandy seabeds to hibernate for the winter.

Andrew Valente10/09/2020 15:11

Maria de la Salut.

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X Maria virgine, gaudete!

The saga of the potential Maria de la Salut no-confidence vote has attracted a good deal of attention in the local media.

Andrew Ede10/09/2020 15:03


Food for Thought

This is best way to cook mussels

Mussels are so plentiful and cheap that they are sometimes called the poor man’s shellfish, a distinction that once belonged to oysters

Andrew Valente09/09/2020 15:41


Frank Confidential

Water, water everywhere! Plus - the 'raves' in my valley

I had started to notice that late at night our valley above Andratx town was alive with the sound of music and motorbikes.

Frank Leavers09/09/2020 15:16

Words and More

Did you know

People who say that money doesn’t bring happiness are often those who don’t have any to spare.

Andrew Valente09/09/2020 15:07

Reyes maroto

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Whatever happened to the resilience?

The situation is currently “disastrous”, but “we all agree that next year there will be a rebound effect, if confidence recovers”.

Andrew Ede09/09/2020 14:50


Spotlight On Soller

The new start begins

The talk this week has been of starting a Bridge Club and we need a teacher as most of us have never played. Volunteers please contact me at the Bulletin.

Shirley Roberts08/09/2020 15:55


The restaurant review

Better kind of fish and chips

When I saw the dish on the Rambar menu last week it couldn’t have been listed in a more concise way: “fish and chips”, it said and gave a €15 tag.

Andrew Valente03/09/2020 15:39

restaurant moli des torrent

Food and wine

Llampuga beats lightning this year

The five principal centres for catching and eating llampuga are Majorca, Ibiza, Malta, Sicily and Sardinia.

Andrew Valente03/09/2020 14:47


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All the world’s a theme park

Assuming that travel does return to normal, there remains the sheer voracity of tourism, an industry which is unquestionably vital for economies and is estimated to be worth (along with travel) 8.9 trillion US dollars at a global level.

Andrew Ede03/09/2020 14:15

parque infantil alexander fleming

Frank Confidential

Majorca and the 'second wave' divide - plus, getting the kids back to school

Rather like the United Kingdom, Spain has got itself in an awful knot over whether and when schools should re-open to pupils and students.

Frank Leavers26/08/2020 15:04


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The Council presents ... a low-key observatory

The observatory will be an “important” tool for “positioning Majorca as a sustainable, safe and modern destination and one of quality”.

Andrew Ede26/08/2020 13:35


Gardening Tips

Gardening In Majorca

The winter vegetable garden can be planted up now, carrots, beetroots, celery, leeks turnips and radishese are a few.

Dorothy Loeffler20/07/2020 15:26