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Meliá opening fifty hotels in second half of July

The Meliá Palma Marina and the Meliá Calvià Beach will be the first hotels to open in Majorca.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/05/2020 19:24


Meliá CEO barred from entering the US

Meliá's operations in Cuba have been affected by the Trump administration's activation of the Helms-Burton Act.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/02/2020 13:59

Innside Calvia Beach Rooftop.

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The New Magaluf, have you heard?

Meliá Hotels International have invested more than 250 million euros in the resort of Magaluf, which has become a centre of innovation for holiday experiences.

04/11/2019 01:00

Hotel Calvià Beach The Plaza y Momentum Plaza


Meliá launch Magalluf image campaign

Fundamentally, ¡the campaign is about the image of Magalluf, emphasising the "positive reality" of the resort as it now is.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/07/2019 04:01



Meliá calling for greater town hall efforts in Magalluf

Meliá wants the town hall to take tougher measures against the so-called prostitution in Magalluf.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/10/2018 15:44


Meliá's new Magalluf hotel to open in July

The hotel and the plaza represent the "last great milestone of a bold project".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/04/2018 00:00


CEO of Meliá sounds a word of caution for 2018

Gabriel Escarrer was warning about the tourist tax and competition from other destinations.

Jason Moore07/11/2017 00:00


Barceló and Meliá both bidding again for Palma's convention centre

The minimum price for renting the complex will be 1,585,000 euros a year, with the winner able to do so for fifteen years.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter20/07/2016 00:00


Meliá receives business award for innovation

The hotel chain has retained its strong position through its commitment to a new holidaying model.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/11/2015 00:00


Meliá investing three million on emblematic hotel

The Majorcan hotel chain is continuing on a strategy of enhancing its position in the luxury hotel segment.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/11/2015 00:00


“Hardest part has been done”: Magalluf’s transformation

Gabriel Escarrer, Meliá's CEO, says that the hardest part has been done in turning Magalluf around.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/09/2015 00:00