Etiqueta 'Palma airport'


EasyJet celebrates 20 millionth passenger at Palma

Stewart Draper received a pleasant surprise when he arrived yesterday at Palma airport.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter03/08/2017 00:00


More police for airport passport control

More police are being drafted in for passport control, and there are now more scanners for boarding passes.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter22/07/2017 00:00


Private jet flights using Palma up by 15% this year

Demand for luxury residential tourism is contributing to increased private jet flights.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/07/2017 00:00


Tour firms getting passengers to airport extra early

The police confederation said yesterday that the main problem is that the number of officers has been cut.

Humphrey Carter12/07/2017 00:00


Urgent action being taken to resolve passport chaos

Aena and the National Police are working together in resolving the issues and three steps are being taken.

Humphrey Carter12/07/2017 00:00


Passport chaos for Britons at Palma airport

The number of National Police officers on passport duty is not within the airports authority's jurisdiction.

Humphrey Carter11/07/2017 00:00


Police union condemns airport and flight drunkenness

The union has "deep concern" about repeated and daily incidents of assaults and fights at airports.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter20/06/2017 00:00


Cala d'Or-airport bus service is now operating

The Aerotib route from the airport to Cala d'Or also serves Arenal, Llucmajor, Campos, S'Alqueria Blanca, Santanyi and Portopetro.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/06/2017 00:00


Britons arrested at the airport for attacking police

The two drunken Brits began throwing punches at the officers and acting aggressively.

Humphrey Carter14/06/2017 00:00


Blame being passed for traffic chaos at the airport

Palma town hall is insisting that the half hour free parking is reintroduced in order to deal with traffic "saturation".

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter11/06/2017 00:00


Inspectors bring order to airport taxi operations

Taxi-driver associations are satisfied that inspections at Palma airport are putting an end to the problem of "pirate" operators.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/05/2017 00:00


Who is the mystery naked man of Palma airport?

On Sunday, there he was. Not a stitch on. Tourists (and no doubt others) were somewhat startled by his presence.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/05/2017 00:00


Government acts against "pirate" transport and taxis

Taxi drivers were complaining that the minibuses were still operating yesterday and that there weren't police. Business reaction to Thursday's events has been critical of the taxi drivers.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter26/05/2017 00:00


Taxi drivers resume airport services after confrontation with "pirates"

There was chaos at the airport as tourists were caught up in the confrontation between taxi drivers and the "microbus" operators.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter25/05/2017 00:00


Palma airport "parking express" ready this month

There will be fifteen minutes free parking with 90 spaces close to arrivals.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter22/05/2017 00:00


Parliament turns down hotel modernisation extension

The tourism committee also rejected a proposal that the Royal Family should be excluded from the official opening of the Palacio de Congresos.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter28/04/2017 00:00


Barceló, Branson, Brexit: last week in Majorca

Tourism minister Biel Barceló was under pressure, there was chaos at the airport and there were arrests because of a fake cancer "cure".

Humphrey Carter17/04/2017 00:00