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Sant Bartomeu fiestas in Montuiri.


What's on in Mallorca this weekend

This weekend is all about the Sant Bartomeu fiestas. Read more about this fiesta in this week's Enjoying Mallorca!

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/08/2022 11:08



Life was lived Mallorcan style, on the street

The villages of the Soller Valley have unwritten rules which identify the time and place where people hang out.

Shirley Roberts13/08/2022 11:56

Puerto Soller


Soller: All about the perfect Horseshoe Bay

Puerto Soller is our focus today as so many are on their way now to the sea for their beachside holidays.

Shirley Roberts04/06/2022 14:00

An Autumnal Soller plaza

An Autumnal Soller plaza

An Autumnal Soller plaza.

Rachel Fox 01/12/2020

New fruit and veg shop

New fruit and veg shop

New fruit and veg shop.

Shirley Roberts 18/11/2020

Free parking era in Soller

Spotlight on Soller

Our weekly spotlight on the Soller area

Find out what columnist Shirley Roberts has to say about Soller Valley this week.

Shirley Roberts03/11/2020 12:38


Spotlight On Soller

Here come the niggles

Time passes and new routines are quickly established. The memories of the early lockdown are easing only to be replaced now by the new reality.

Shirley Roberts23/09/2020 13:13


Spotlight On Soller

Time to Take a Change

Life has got very serious this week in Soller with the news that our Residential Home for the elderly has become infected.

Shirley Roberts15/09/2020 15:21