Etiqueta 'Tramuntana mountains'


Request for roads' dry stone work protected status

The guild of dry stone workers wants roads to be declared an asset in the cultural interest.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/02/2019 18:26


New drive to reduce motorbike noise in the Tramuntana

Some motorbikes create an enormous amount of noise and pose a risk to road safety.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter12/01/2019 19:22


New signage for Tramuntana safety

In 2017, there were 21 accidents along the Torrent de Pareis, one of the riskier parts of the mountains.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter21/05/2018 00:00


Controls demanded against motorbike racing in the mountains

Not all bikers are reckless but there is a minority who create danger and noise pollution.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter11/03/2018 00:00


Escorca "saturated" by cars when it snows

"The result is usually chaos, with cars parked in the middle of the road and very long queues."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter08/12/2017 00:00


GOB attacks "deficient" management of the Tramuntana mountains

There is no overall plan which sets out lines of management responsibility, but these are essential for meeting objectives.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter19/03/2017 00:00


Tramuntana mountains are Spain's best natural interest destination

"With wonderful views, cliffs and the stunning colour of water, it should be savoured in stages so as to appreciate it most memorably."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter02/08/2016 00:00


Snow comes to Majorca's mountains

The snow fell down to 800 metres, as Majorca was on the receiving end of heavy rain and hailstorms.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/03/2016 00:00