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The day will come when the beaches will be packed

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The Post-Virus Tourist

A scenario being offered by the consultants PwC in Spain is that there is only going to a partial recovery until there is a vaccine, and that could be up to a year away.

Andrew Ede07/04/2020 11:54

A student takes classes online with his companions using the Zoom APP at home

The Doctor is Calling

Tips to Stay Healthy During Isolation and Quarantine

The sacrifice you make today by following the government instruction on staying at home is saving lives.

Dr Jonathan O'Keeffe03/04/2020 13:40



"I miss that sense of freedom of being able to wander out to the bar..."

Jason Moore03/04/2020 10:04

Basil with some of the Calvia Vet team


At Home Together

If your dog is feeling down or acting strangely it can be because he is picking up on how you are feeling and acting at the moment.

Vicki McLeod31/03/2020 12:36

Nick Mead

Humans of Majorca

Letter from California from a Human of Majorca

LA has changed — people are actually nicer, when you do see the occasional human while keeping a wide berth walking the dog, people are nicer, friendlier, parting words are always “Be safe”.

Shirley Roberts30/03/2020 13:38

Son Reus municipal animal shelter

The week that was

Walking the dog

An advert had placed on Facebook - For two euros an hour, citizens of A Coruña were being offered several dogs that they could take for a walk.

Andrew Ede29/03/2020 04:01

Tributes to Britain’s National Health Service

My Column

More thoughts from an isolated old codger

Can this period of enforced idleness be converted into something positive?

Donald Trelford28/03/2020 16:54

Lindy and her home-made lemon curd made with lemons from her garden


At Home Together

Looking at the group’s topics, by far the most popular thing we are doing at the moment is cooking and baking.

Vicki McLeod28/03/2020 13:08

The Con Gas Party band


Majorca, At Home Together

Help a neighbour, stay in touch with your family, make regular contact with friends.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter27/03/2020 10:37


Frank Talking

What has she done to her hair, poor woman?

And so my friends, when we do emerge blinking in the daylight when the virus has passed we will all be a sight for sore eyes.

Frank Leavers27/03/2020 14:41

Anna Nicholas

My Column

Life goes by

For now, this is a golden opportunity to listen to silence, embrace one’s family and friends and reach out to those in need even virtually.

Anna Nicholas27/03/2020 16:16


Under construction

The Balearic government wants to call a halt to construction work.

Andrew Ede26/03/2020 10:58

Pablo Iglesias didn’t seem to be setting a great example.

The Week That Was

Breaking the quarantine

Vox, it has been said, provided “politician zero” in terms of coronavirus spread - Javier Ortega Smith.

Andrew Ede22/03/2020 19:20

Healthcare worker in protective suit

The Doctor is calling

Coronavirus – The Next Weeks and Months

We will prevail. Things will get worse for the next while. Even more draconian measures may be necessary. Recurrent measures may be needed over months or even the next couple of years. People will suffer physically, mentally and financially but I am very confident we will win this fight.

Dr Jonathan O’Keeffe 20/03/2020 08:30

Taking precautions


I just don't know what to do with myself!

I’m sorry, but I laughed out loud when a mate of mine meekly confessed to having two bidets removed from his gaff last year, which wasn’t very nice of me at all was it?

Frank Leavers17/03/2020 17:37

Selfish shoppers

Out & About

Locked up in Lockdown

We are all being advised to stay at home and act both responsibly and sensibly. Stay safe, but above all stay sane.

Peter Clover18/03/2020 04:01