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The deep-fried fresh anchovies were worth a 10.

Food and drink

When the simplest dishes are the best

Expect well cooked Mallorcan and Spanish dishes and if you’re on a budget go for the tapas.

Andrew Valente29/08/2022 12:01

Food and drink

Hotdog ensaimada bun was a huge hit

I enjoyed eating in the interior patio with its lush greenery and got a great kick out of seeing a sparrow and a blackbird land for a quick hop around.

Andrew Valente21/08/2022 18:17

The salt cod suprême with chips and veggies.

Food and drink

Still Palma's best ever menú del día

I don’t know of any restaurant doing a menú del día with so many up-market choices.

Andrew Valente12/08/2022 12:47

The light curry chicken and veggies with rice.

Food and drink

Thai food is a great bargain in Mallorca

Palma Thai Kitchen has a fixed price menu at €14.50 that includes a spring rolls starter, a curry or noodles mains plus a drink that can be a caña or a cola.

Andrew Valente08/08/2022 11:01

Michele’s ravioli in the frying pan were worth a 10

Food and drink

The best ravioli I have ever had

The best thing about these ravioli was that Michele had cooked them softish.

Andrew Valente01/08/2022 12:54

The smoked salmon before guests started on it

Food and drink

Hotel breakfast kept me on go for 24 hours

These breakfasts are good fun and that they cater for just about every kind of breakfast you may want.

Andrew Valente18/07/2022 11:08