Javier Gardonio in the dining room at Cantina Panzà Restaurant | Pilar Pellicer

Chefs Arelland and Gardonio share the kitchen at restaurant Cantina Panzà. The menu they have prepared for 'Kitchens and Cooks with Passion' is available until 31 January.

It is easy to talk about cooking with Javier Gardonio: He is passionate about it. This 40-year-old chef has been at Fernando Pérez Arellano's side for almost half a lifetime. They had their first experience at Zaranda in Madrid and, although he escaped for a while to work in the Netherlands, he joined him again when Fernando decided to move his iconic restaurant to Mallorca and recruited him as head chef. Restless and curious, he did not hesitate to accept the challenge of abandoning the comfort of a fixed salary and a conventional schedule to face the uncertainty and adventure of a restaurant of his own. And even better if his travelling companions are Fernando himself, his mentor, and the magical Itziar, who is responsible for making everything seem simple at the table.

Good cooking, his passion

I bring the love, the illusion of my first own kitchen', he exclaims vehemently when asked about Cantina Panzà. He is the Sancho who advises Quixote, who provides the wisdom that makes it possible to realise the magic he imagines. I take care of my restaurant, I have fulfilled the objective without losing sight of the fact that it is a business that has to move forward. I left my comfort zone and I don't regret it at all'.

If there is one thing that characterises Cantina Panzà, it is memory. The memory of the dishes that his grandmother used to cook inspired Javier Gardonio to the point of turning it into a reference point. The low heat, the stews, the recovery of almost forgotten products. At Cantina Panzà they work to recover this tradition, that of offering quality dishes that have their own flavours and that respond to what the land and the sea have to offer at any given moment.

‘We like stews and soup dishes, but also fun dishes that can be enjoyed in company'. Sharing portions is a classic at Cantina Panzà, 'it allows you to interact and taste a wider range of our dishes'. Always with the support of a solid culinary base, that of French cuisine, with real stir-fries, just the right sauces and stews with a preparation time in accordance with the quality that we aim to offer. I like to cook and offer a job done with all the affection and enthusiasm of a beginner and with the experience and trajectory of a chef with roots'.

The menu at Cantina Panzà is available for lunch and dinner services and you can make your reservation by accessing the sales platform using the QR code below. Cantina Panzà is, without a doubt, a safe bet.