Mexican Chef David Moreno at his restaurant Can Simoneta in Mallorca.

The Repsol Guide 2023 has recognised four new restaurants in the Balearic Islands, two of them in Mallorca, "Voro" and "Can Simoneta", both in Capdepera, and in Ibiza "Re.Art" and "The View". With the new additions, the Balearic Islands now has 40 award-winning restaurants.

Marinated partridge at Voro.

Among the new distinguished chefs on the islands, Álvaro Salazar is at the helm of "Voro", where he boasts freedom and turns his creativity to paying tribute to the country's gastronomic wealth without abandoning his commitment to the environment, his roots and his memory, thus placing special emphasis on the Mediterranean.

VORO at the Cap Vermell hotel.
Voro at the Cap Vermell hotel.

One of the most outstanding identifying features of this restaurant, located in the Cap Vermell hotel, is its attention to detail. Its starters and main courses are "examples of care and exquisite technique", according to the Guide, which points out that they are divided into two tasting menus of different lengths and are complemented by the 300 references in the wine cellar.

Re.Art in Ibiza.

"Re.Art" is a tavern "with an urban and somewhat rogue spirit" where David Reartes, skilled in the search for ancestral recipes, since the occupation of the island of Ibiza by the Punics and Phoenicians, shows his more casual side.

The chef and his right-hand man, Matías Kelly, use their creativity to prepare tapas, some innovative and others openly traditional, allowing you to choose between ham croquettes or Andalusian-style squid and upside-down egg with creamy potato skin and sobrasada. The staging is deliberately dynamic, informal, fun, and the work with fermented foods and pickles is outstanding.

The View restaurant in Ibiza.
The View restaurant in Ibiza.

As for "The view", the name of the restaurant already hints at the importance of its skyline, in the 7Pines luxury complex, on a cliff overlooking the Vedrà.

Andrés Fernández's cuisine seeks to thrill with classical inspiration and a recognisable Nordic touch. The setting offers fish and seafood such as tuna, cuttlefish, langoustine and red mullet, but in the kitchen they also give importance to beef and vegetarian menus.

Can Simoneta.
Can Simoneta in Mallorca.

Mexican chef David Moreno, with experience in "Espai Sucre" and "Dos Palillos", offers a journey of Mexican haute cuisine with delicious stopovers at "Can Simoneta". "Mexiterráneo" is the name of a gastronomic approach that takes shape with remarkable execution, inspired by the recipes of his native country and adapted, when necessary, to the local larder with red prawns, red snapper, lamb and goat's milk.

The chef "shows a good hand for seasoning and finds a complement in the pairing work with cocktails, sakes, mezcals and fine wines by sommelier Nene García". The sea views enhance the experience, says the gastronomic guide.