Berry and Basil cocktail. | Mia Naprta

Post nubila phoebus! I loved Latin at school and this has been one of my favourite proverbs ever since, serving me well throughout some rough times in life. Literally translated to “After the clouds comes the sun.”, it sprung to my mind again this Wednesday when – after days of rain, snow, sinkholes and altogether chaos of winter in Mallorca – the sun came out again and the terraces filled up, with people queuing up for the next available spot.

One of my preferred places to sit in the sun after a busy day is Nova del Mar in Calanova marina. It is a cool little spot slightly west of Palma, perfect for a “sun downer”. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and some excellent wines and cocktails. The long terrace on both sides of the kitchen offers some pretty great views of the surrounding neighbourhood, the port and the open sea. Aside from the regular drinks menu, they often have a “cocktail of the week”. Some that I tried and liked include: a refreshing “berry and basil”, a heavy but delicious “bourbon peach iced tea”, and a cool, citrusy “Yellow bird Easter cocktail”. Sometimes, though, there is nothing better than to sip a flute of a cold cava, chat with friends and watch the world go by…

Yellow bird Easter cocktail
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The crowd at Nova del Mar is a mixture of yachties, small boat owners and well healed locals. The vibe is trendy, yet relaxed, definitely less stuffy than expected. The service is good and friendly too; the staff is engaging without being “too much”.

Last summer at Nova del Mar they had some great DJ sets in the evenings and I am hoping for more of the same as soon as the days get that little bit longer and the sun chases away the last of the clouds!

Till next time – cheers!