Aperol tasted great. | Mia Naprta

There are moments when I thank all my lucky stars (and my former love) for conspiring to bring me here, to live and work in this precious city that has captured my heart like no other place before it. One such moment was last week when I arranged to meet a dear colleague at Cuit Bar on the rooftop of the Nakar Hotel in central Palma.

Most stunning views of Palma.

Unless you know about it - and my job nowadays is to know these things - it would be very easy to walk past Nakar, a tall narrow boutique hotel half way up Palma’s shopping street Jaume lll towards Paseo Mallorca. Take an elevator to the eighth floor, and you will reach CUIT Bar and Restaurant, known for its wonderful menu by renowned Mallorcan chef Miquel Calent.

Stylish pool up here adds to the relaxed atmosphere.
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But the fun doesn’t stop here! Climb another short flight of stairs, and you will be greeted by one of the most stunning views of Palma crowned by the city’s imposing Cathedral. Nakar’s small but stylish pool up here adds to the relaxed atmosphere - with hotel guests happily mixing with city folk. CUIT Bar offers about a dozen of classic cocktails. With views like those pictured, this place certainly does not need any gimmicks or specials to draw attention. Their short list of known favourites, all expertly prepared by a cool barman, is quite enough!

An Aperol Spritz.

I opted for an Aperol Spritz, while Nathalie settled for a gin and tonic. Could not go more classic than that! Both drinks tasted great, with a very generous serving of alcohol and some simple garnish. We sat on the pool steps, her dog made friends with several hotel guests including a cute little 5 year old girl. We had the most perfect after work “sun downer” we could wish for, enjoying the views of “the historic centre, the Cathedral, Bellver Castle and the beautiful bay of Palma”.
Till next time – cheers!