If you follow my columns regularly (and you'd better be!), you would have read about Arlequín already… I wrote about their cocktails and loved their circus theme so much that I wanted to go back as soon as I could and try some food too.

I have this group of girlfriends that meet up about once a month. Four of us are all from different countries, with different backgrounds and different lives here, but from the moment they walked in they all loved this place as much as I did. There's just something about the space, and the super friendly service, that instantly puts people at ease here.

Monkey Crush.

As one of the girls just bought a house (and we all know what a challenge Mallorcan bureaucracy is!), we celebrated with a round of drinks. We ordered a few cocktails and the posh one of the group was suitably impressed with a choice of champagne at Arlequín. I chose Monkey Crush, to cheer me up after an “interesting” week behind me and I loved both its taste and its presentation. Fifteen minutes into the night I was laughing about the “not my circus, not my monkeys” quote and all was good in the world again.

Mediterranean Olives with a Spicy Touch.

By this point our stomachs were rumbling and it was time for food... We chose several different plates and decided to share. The girls started with some huge Mediterranean Olives with a Spicy Touch, but as I don't eat them, I skipped. Living in Spain, you can't eat anywhere without having some croquettes, so we had some at Arlequín too. Their ham croquettes are listed as “bombs for the mouth” and described as "an explosion", but I would say that eating them was a pretty gentle, melting sensation. Either way, they tasted very good. We could have easily eaten another portion.

Fried Gnocchi Risotto & Mushrooms with ham croquettes in the background.

For the mains, we had some Fried Gnocchi Risotto & Mushrooms, a couple of plates of Soy and Garlic Prawns with Mango Trampó and I opted for an Octopus Ceviche with Passion Fruit & Sea Urchin.

Octopus Ceviche with Passion Fruit & Sea Urchin.
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I have never tried sea urchin before. Inspired by the quirkiness of the place around us, I remembered that saying: “there's no time like a present” and went for it. The dish was beautifully presented, in a conical shape, garnished with crispy beetroot and plated in a sea urchin shaped ceramic bowl. It tasted fresh, citrusy and altogether lovely. I would gladly have it again!

I "stole” a few prawns from my friend's plate and I loved the flavour combination with mango. It works so well and I thought about recreating this dish at home next time I have some friends coming round.

As far as gnocchi go, I can either take them or leave them. I tried a couple, in the name of research, and was pleasantly surprised how tasty they were here, with this rich mushroom sauce.

Basil Moss, Lime Cream, Yogurt Ice Cream.

Following the meal, and before the dessert, Fran (one of the owners) treated us to a couple of espresso martini, served in the bright red teapot and poured into shot glasses with a chunk of dark chocolate in each. This was a super quirky and a totally unexpected treat that added to our fun night.

The Espresso Martinis.

Finally, our bellies full of food and our souls full of cheer, we decided to order just one dessert, to share. We chose Basil Moss, Lime Cream, Yogurt Ice Cream & a Surprise... The surprise came in the form of a clear gelatinous disc of unidentifiable flavour. I thought it was made with rakija (showing my Balkan roots again!), but Melisa correctly guessed that it was in fact vinegar. As much as I love chocolate treats, this was a lot more fun, yet it felt like a proper grownups dessert.

Having spent another fun evening in this truly unique place, I thought to myself that this felt like “my circus” and I would definitely be coming back again and again!