The food at Botànic was excellent. | Mia Naprta


A few days ago I was invited to Botànic, Mallorca’s first “Plant Forward restaurant” that “invites you to discover the art of making vegetables the true protagonists of haute cuisine”. This oasis of calm and tranquillity, right in the heart of La Lonja was my “go to” place for delicious, nutritious salad bowls five or six years ago, but I for some reason it dropped of my radar till this week. I was pleased to see that it was still as beautiful as ever, situated in a noble palace, with classic décor and a few modern highlights. The garden itself felt cosy and inviting, without being overly sculpted or landscaped.

We started with a selection of dips “From India to Mallorca, that included: raita with Majorcan yoghurt, apricot chutney from Porreres and spicy sauce of tomato of ramallet, cirereta (spicy paprika) and tap de cortí (a variety of pepper only grown in Mallorca). This was served with pita bread with sumac. I loved the yogurt and the apricot chutney (I really appreciated this twist on the usual mango chutney), while the tomato sauce was a tiny bit too spicy for me.

The star of the following dish was CAULIFLOWER. Tiny florets were served crude, with crunchy quinoa tabouleh, hummus and feta cheese. I enjoyed this plate a lot, I loved the mixture of flavours and textures.

Dish no. 3 featured ARTICHOKE prepared in semi-crispy Caesar style, and garnished with anchovies from l’Escala. This was quite intense, salty because of the anchovies, but very tasty nonetheless.
Star of the next dish was LEEK confit, with black truffle hollandaise, butifarron duxelles (Mallorcan sausage) and garam masala (Indian spice). This was excellent! Familiar, pretty plain plant was elevated to new levels with interesting and innovative accompaniments, again mixing Indian and Mallorcan flavours.

The main dish consisted of LUMAGORRI FREE-RANGE CHICKEN, grilled and served with a Thai salad and peanut sauce. This succulent, sweet and fresh combination was another delight.

When I saw that the main ingredient of our dessert was BEETROOT, I was more than a little suspicious, but my more adventurous friend really wanted to try it, so I agreed not to swap it for something more classical. It came in a form of a creamy pavlova, with fresh seasonal fruit (mostly berries) and passion fruit seeds. And I had to admit that it was absolutely brilliant! First of all, I loved the presentation and the bright colour, but the flavour was also exquisite. So I concluded that a pavlova was always a great choice, even if mixed with a root vegetable!

We were at Botànic on a Thursday afternoon. It was not too busy, but there were enough people to create a buzzy atmosphere. Towards the end of our lunch a guitarist started playing in the front garden adding some dreamy notes to the ambience. I heard that the music will be back every Thursday afternoon throughout the summer. I thing I would love to come back some other Thursday, even if only for a coffee and that quirky but delicious desert.

The Location

Restaurant Botànic
Address: Carrer del Forn de la Glòria, 14, Palma,
Tel: +34 971 75 05 50

Instagram: @botanicpalma

The Bill

Set menu 65 euros per person

Opening hours

Daily 1pm to 3.30pm, 7pm to 10pm

The Verdict

The food at Botànic was excellent, the setting was beautiful and the service was professional and caring. I would love to come back for a special occasion and try one or two other set menus.