Work at the airport. | Miquel À. Cañellas

The Aena airports authority is investing 412 million euros in modernising facilities at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport. Work will be carried out over two years, the investment described as being of a "strategic character to remodel all the terminal area".

The plans for the airport, says Spain's minister for transport, Raquel Sánchez, do not involve an "expansion of Son Sant Joan". This is strategic investment because "air transport is vital".

At present, the main work is to the terminal area of Module A. This involves a spending of 198 million euros and will last until 2024. All the work is mainly confined to the low seasons.

A key aspect is sustainability, with almost 12 million euros to be spent on solar panels as part of a strategy to make airport operations carbon neutral.

One of the parties of the Balearic coalition government, Més, has claimed that plans for the airport involve a 55% increase in passenger numbers up to 2026. But the word from the Spanish government is that the work is not about expansion.