Disruption next week threatens to drag on. | Teresa Ayuga

Flights to and from Palma and the airports in Ibiza and Minorca will be affected by French air-traffic controller industrial action from this weekend until at least next Saturday. There are strikes at the Bordeaux and Marseille control centres, and they coincide with the start of airlines' summer schedules. This Sunday, 547 flights are scheduled for Palma; there were 354 last Sunday.

As well as action by French controllers, a strike at all German airports except Berlin is set for this Monday. A worry is that either or both of these disputes could be repeated for Easter week. German and British airlines, the main ones affected, are said to be in the process of studying the rescheduling of flights in the event that the strikes impact Easter traffic.

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British airlines can avoid French airspace by flying out over the Atlantic and then coming across northern Spain. But this adds time to flights and can therefore result in delays or even cancellations.