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Mallorca hosts a variety of autumn fairs that celebrate local culture, traditions, and seasonal delights. Here are ten notable autumn fairs in Mallorca (in no particular order):

CALA RAJADA. FERIAS. La Fira de la Llampuga se reinventa con una concurrida ruta de tapas.

Fira de la Llampuga (Llampuga Fair) in Capdepera - October 13, 14 & 15

The Autumn Llampuga Fair takes place in the coastal town of Cala Rajada in Capdepera, typically around late September or early October, coinciding with the llampuga's (also known as the dorado or mahi-mahi) migration to the waters off Mallorca's coast.

This annual fair is a unique opportunity for both locals and visitors to experience Mallorcan culture, enjoy culinary delights such as croquettes, fideuàs, paellas, carpaccios, tapas..., and partake in various entertainment activities.

The llampuga fish is known for its vibrant colors and delicious flavour, making it a highly sought-after catch among fishermen and a prized ingredient in Mallorcan cuisine.

On Saturday, the alignment with the weekly market in Cala Rajada further enhances the event.

ALARO. FERIAS. Gremial apuesta por lo natural y hecho a mano. Fiel a su esencia, la Fira Gremial ofreció ayer una amplia varied

Fira de Tardor (Autumn Fair) in Alaro - October 1

The Alaro Autumn Fair is an artisan fair celebrated on the first Sunday of October. At the fair, you'll find artisanal products, children's workshops, exhibitions, concerts, a culinary showcase, performances, and many more things.

The town comes alive with a festive atmosphere as visitors and locals come together to enjoy the flavors of the season, explore crafts, and revel in live music and dance.

ALCUDIA. FERIAS. La tradición se abre paso en una Fira que recupera sus raíces. Miles de personas acudieron a la cita atraída

Fira d’Alcudia (Alcudia Fair) - September 29 to October 1

As every year, with the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, Sa Fira arrives, one of the most anticipated and cherished celebrations on Alcúdia's festive calendar. Celebrated on the first weekend of October, there will be 3 days of enjoyment of local culture, tradition, commerce, and gastronomy.

The fair serves as a meeting points for friendships and supporting small businesses, made possible by the dedication of many, including municipal workers, exhibitors, organizations, associations, companies, and civil protection volunteers.


Fira de sa Carabassa (Pumpkin Fair) in Muro - November 10, 11 & 12

The charming Autumn Fair in Muro celebrates the arrival of fall with a pumpkin-themed extravaganza. Since 2007, this event has delighted visitors with cultural and culinary experiences, including pumpkin tapas and a pumpkin-carving contest. Don't miss the impressive heft of winning pumpkins, reaching up to 334 kg!

ESPORLES. FERIAS. Esporles vive su jornada más dulce. La XVI Fira Dolça de la localidad reunió a miles de personas de toda la

Fira Dolça de Esporles (Esporles Sweet Fair) - October 1

The Esporles Sweet Fair is a delectable celebration of local sweets and pastries. Typically taking place early autumn, this fair showcases the culinary expertise of the region.

Visitors are treated to a delightful array of traditional and innovative sweets, ranging from ensaimadas and almond nougat to artisan chocolates and pastries. The fair not only satisfies sweet cravings but also offers a glimpse into Mallorcan gastronomic traditions.

Throughout the event, there are pastry-making demonstrations, workshops, and opportunities to taste and purchase these delectable treats. Local bakers and confectioners proudly display their creations, making it a paradise for dessert enthusiasts.

Beyond the sweets, the Esporles Sweet Fair includes live music, traditional dance performances, and cultural exhibitions, creating a festive and immersive experience for both locals and tourists.


Fira del Pebre Bord (Red Pepper Fair) in Felanitx - October 22

The Fira del Pebre Bord in Felanitx is a vibrant and culturally rich event celebrating "pebre bord," the local red pepper. Typically held in late October, it showcases the agricultural heritage and culinary traditions of the region.

This fair is a sensory delight, with stalls overflowing with vibrant red peppers, both fresh and dried, as well as a variety of pepper-based products like pepper-infused oils, sauces, and spices. Visitors can purchase these flavorful souvenirs while learning about the cultivation and preparation of this prized ingredient.

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Beyond pepper-themed offerings, the fair boasts a lively atmosphere, featuring traditional music, dance performances, and local artisans displaying their crafts. Traditional Mallorcan cuisine takes center stage, with restaurants and food stands serving up pepper-infused dishes.

The Fira del Pebre Bord is not just a culinary event; it's a celebration of Felanitx's cultural identity and agricultural heritage.

INCA. FERIAS. La ciudad de Inca vivió ayer la primera de las tres ferias previas al Dijous Bo.MAS FOTOS EN LA CARPETA DEL 23-1

Dijous Bo ("Good Thursday") in Inca - November 16

Inca's Dijous Bo, also known as "Good Thursday" in English, is a renowned annual fair held in the town of Inca. This event traditionally takes place on the third Thursday in November, making it one of the island's largest and most anticipated festivities.

Dijous Bo is a multi-faceted fair that combines cultural, commercial, and entertainment elements. It typically kicks off early in the morning and continues throughout the day and into the evening, attracting thousands of visitors from across Mallorca and beyond.

One of the highlights of Dijous Bo is the sprawling market that lines the town's streets. Vendors from all over the island come to sell a wide variety of goods, including artisanal crafts, clothing, shoes, jewelry, and local produce. It's an excellent opportunity for shopping and experiencing the vibrant local culture.

In addition to shopping, Dijous Bo features live music performances, traditional folk dances, and sporting events. The fair is also known for its culinary offerings, with food stalls serving up Mallorcan delicacies like sobrassada, ensaimada, and paella.

Overall, Inca's Dijous Bo is a lively and colorful celebration that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Mallorcan culture, offering a rich blend of tradition, entertainment, and commerce for both residents and tourists to enjoy.


Fira de l'Arròs Pobler (Rice Fair) in Sa Pobla - November 25 & 26

The Rice Fair in Sa Pobla is a delightful annual event celebrating the town's rich rice-growing heritage. Typically held in November, it showcases the importance of rice cultivation.

The fair features various activities, including rice tastings, cooking competitions, and exhibitions on rice farming techniques. Local restaurants offer a wide array of rice-based dishes, highlighting the versatility of this staple.

Visitors can explore stalls with rice products, traditional crafts, and enjoy cultural performances. It's a fantastic opportunity to savor delicious rice dishes, learn about local agriculture, and immerse yourself in Sa Pobla's unique cultural traditions.


Fira de Tardor i Fira del Vi (Wine Fair) in Consell - October 22

The Fira de Tardor i Fira del Vi de Consell is a vibrant autumn fair held in Consell. Typically occurring in late October, it's a fusion of tradition and modernity. This fair features a diverse range of activities, from showcasing local agricultural products and crafts to celebrating the region's renowned wines.

Visitors can indulge in wine tastings, sample Mallorcan cuisine, and explore stalls offering handmade goods. It's a lively event that encapsulates the essence of Mallorcan culture, making it a favorite among locals and tourists looking to enjoy the flavours and traditions of autumn in Consell.

CALVIA - CELEBRACION DE LA I Fira de Feines de Tardor de Es CapdellÃ

Fira de les Feines de Tardor (Autumn Fair) in Es Capdellà - November 11 & 12

This annual event celebrates the richness of the season. This fair stands out for being a traditional agri-food market that attracts visitors from all around.

During the Fira de Feines de Tardor, attendees can enjoy an exhibition of antique tools, offering a fascinating glimpse into the tools and utensils used in agriculture and rural life in Mallorca in times past. Additionally, there are animal exhibitions that showcase the diversity of the local fauna.

To ensure that the whole family can enjoy it, the fair offers numerous recreational activities, from traditional games to live entertainment and gastronomic options that highlight the flavors of the season. The Fira de Feines de Tardor has become an event that blends tradition with fun, celebrating local culture and the arrival of autumn in Es Capdellà.

These autumn fairs provide an opportunity to immerse yourself in Mallorca’s local culture, sample seasonal treats, and engage in traditional festivities. Each fair has its own unique charm and offerings, making them memorable experiences for both locals and visitors.