The beach bar will be open from 9am to 9pm. | Jaime Mora

On Tuesday, the Church in Mallorca presented what is described as the first 100% solidarity beach bar on the island. The name of the bar in Portals is Tabgha after the place on the Sea of Galilee where the miracle of the loaves and the fish is supposed to have been performed.

The Bishopric of Mallorca intends to use the profit from the bar for good causes. The first objective is to raise 800,000 euros for a building in Palmanova that will accommodate up to 24 people.

The charity Cáritas is closely involved with the project. Its representative, Marta López, says that "we want to contribute to making the harsh reality that many families are suffering more bearable". The Palmanova property will be for people who have serious difficulties in accessing a home. "It is an ambitious project, which meets all social, ethical and ecological criteria."

The bar will be open until the end of September. Its hours will be 9am to 9pm, meaning that it will close two hours earlier than was previously the case in order to "prevent inconvenience to neighbours". The employees, eight at present, will explain the charitable purpose of the bar to customers.