Caló des Moro, which suffers from overcrowding. | MDB


This coming Sunday, June 16, the Mallorca Platja Tour group intends to stage a form of protest against overcrowding on beaches. The venue for this will be Caló des Moro, which has suffered from saturation in recent years largely because of influencer and Instagrammer publicity.

Caló des Moro is in Santanyi. On Monday, the mayor, Maria Pons, ended the council meeting by asking for Caló des Moro to be left alone. "We understand the citizen mobilisation, we will not put up any impediments. But Caló des Moro needs to be given a break."

The mayor said that the whole area is suffering because of the pressure of thousands of people each day. "The costs are very high, what with cleaning, services and police. We allocate a lot of Santanyi people's money, when we don't have any powers." This was a reference to the coasts department.

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Pons added that she would be delighted to be able to speak to those behind the Mallorca Platja Tour and explain the situation. "All the town hall wants is that the residents of S'Almunia and Cala Santanyi can live without incidents every day of the year."

The mayor presented press clippings in which the image of Caló des Moro has been used not just in respect of Sunday's action but also to highlight issues "that have nothing to do with Santanyi".

She therefore urged the media - local and foreign - "to leave Caló des Moro alone; forget about it for a while." The police have confirmed that whenever news about Caló des Moro appears, the influx of people increases.