The old hotel is being totally demolished.

A Pollensa town hall technical report has concluded that the administration must open sanctions proceedings in respect of the complete demolition of the Hotel Formentor.

This has been carried out "in breach of the regulations" and "it is not covered by the licence granted". The report states that contravention of current regulations represents "a serious urban planning infraction" and therefore also urges the "immediate suspension of the works" in order to grant the legally established period for "appropriate legalisation".

The deputy mayor for urban planning, Tomeu Cifre, says that the town hall will open a file to sanction the owners but adds that this "will come to nothing". The report, he explains, does not say that ten months ago the owners presented the town hall with the demolition project, while the licence and project for reconstruction, as obtained following a tourism ministry report, are proceeding.

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"What we are not going to do is cause damage to the workers by stopping work when we know that the reconstruction project is being processed and that we are only waiting for some detail to grant the licence (for modification of the demolition)."