The Puntiró golf course, | Archive

At the Puntiró golf course in Palma, there has been a plan to build a super-luxury hotel for several years.

The developer, Golf Park Entertainment Mallorca SA, envisages a hotel of 13,183 square metres with 173 rooms and a capacity for 348 guests. In 2015, the Balearic High Court overturned a Council of Mallorca decision by which construction was denied because it would be on protected land classified as an area of agrarian interest. The court ruled that arguments put forward by the Council lacked sufficient justification. The developer could therefore reapply for permission.

Seven years on from that court ruling, and the Balearic Environment Commission has introduced a new snag - the environmental impact study has expired, as six months have passed since it was submitted and work on the hotel has not yet begun.

The Council of Mallorca, meanwhile, gave the developer a six-month period to request the building licence. In the event of not doing so, this too would expire.