Waste from the redevelopment work. | Junts Avançam

Pollensa town hall will use some of the building waste from the Hotel Formentor site for surfacing two municipal car parks.

This is one use identified in the latest environmental assessment study for the modified expansion and redevelopment project (modification that takes account of full demolition). Another is that the hotel owners will use the waste for road improvements on the Formentor peninsula. These uses follow Balearic environment ministry objections that waste management studies did not comply with current regulations.

There was considerable outcry when opposition parties at the town hall provided photographic evidence of the scarring of the landscape by waste from the work at the hotel. This, essentially, was from the excavation of the semi-basement; it wasn't related to the actual demolition.

The owners have themselves produced a photographic report with aerial views over the past ten years of the particular area affected by the waste.

These indicate, it is maintained, that the deposit of waste has not caused damage to vegetation. The area was "devoid of shrub and tree vegetation", while the excavated waste comprised "clean materials without impurities". There was no "improper or dangerous waste that could put the quality of the land or the body of groundwater at risk".

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The document continues by referring to the concept of the circular economy in that the town hall will be reusing waste.