Gabriel Escarrer and Rafa Nadal. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Meliá and Rafa Nadal today presented a new hotel brand called Zel in Madrid.
The tennis player and the CEO of Meliá, Gabriel Escarrer, said that it is a chain that will be inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle.

The first Zel hotel will open in Mallorca in 2023 and it is planned that in five years they will have 20 hotels around the world.

In the first phase, the brand aims to grow in destinations on the Mediterranean coast and in capitals such as Madrid, Paris and London.

Nadal said that he was attracted by “this new concept” that he has developed together with Meliá from the very start.

“I trust that Zel will be a story of success and growth and that it will be enjoyed by all those who go to the hotels, which is the reason for its creation,” he said.

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Gabriel Escarrer said: “today the design of a unique brand materialises, which will make travellers fall in love with it and will surprise new generations. We are happy to finally be able to collaborate, as partners in this project, with such a personal and sporting icon as Rafa”.